Koffie Traditional Toasted

Koffie* Traditional Toasted

*Koffie is a fictitious brand to preserve the client’s real identity.

Traveling is delicious

Brand: Koffie
Category: Toasted Coffee
Our Role: Branding, Packaging, CGI Rendering

If you had to try an exotic coffee: which part
of the world would you choose? Koffie puts you on the road with its three varieties of traditional coffee from Madagascar’s East Coast. Traveling is delicious.

Si tuvieras que probar un café exótico:
¿Que parte del mundo eligiras? Koffie
te pone a viajar con sus tres variedades de café tradicional de la Costa Este de Madagascar. Viajar es delicioso.


Position the brand as an exotic coffee and different from the competition.

Posicionar a la marca como un café exótico y diferente respecto de su competencia.


A modern design that communicates naturalness and its origin combined with a premium touch.

Un diseño moderno que comunica naturalidad y su origen combinado con un toque premium.