*Nördinbeg is a fictitious brand to preserve the client’s real identity.

Just like a german

Brand: Nördinbeg
Category: Beer
Our Role: Branding, Packaging, CGI Rendering

If you have visited Germany you already know what beer means to a German. If you have tried Nördinbeg you won’t need to go to Germany to check it out.

Si has visitado Alemania ya sabes lo que significa la cerveza para un alemán. Si has probado Nördinbeg no te hará falta ir hasta Alemania para comprobarlo.


Position the brand as one of the benchmarks in the world of German beers.

Posicionar a la marca como una de la referentes dentro del mundo de las cervezas alemanas.


A design that gathers all the codes of the German beer world and combines them forcefully together.

Un diseño que recoge todos los códigos del mundo cervecero alemán y los combina de forma contundente.